Parent Testimonials

We understand how important it is to hear from parents like yourself. Here are a few parent testimonials describing how we have helped their children. If you require further references, we are happy to provide them, simply contact us here.



“I think the world of the services you provide, the professional attitude from you and your tutor, the dedication, flexibility, detailed teaching, the reports we get after every lesson (invaluable!), I can go on and on. So yes, please use this!”

Christina H.
Parent of San Jose 5th Grader


“great teacher and friend”

“Our son Filip used to hate his ABA sessions, but now it’s his favorite time of the day. The tutor has taught him many new skills, and even potty trained him after years of failure with others. He has been a great teacher and friend for our son. We are very glad.”

Ana K.
Parent of San Francisco Kindergartner


“My son Evan has been using this service for 3 years, and the transformation has been incredible. He’s been doing way better at school, and is now able to understand and manage his ADHD independently. The tutors are friendly and patient. I would recommend this to anybody.”

Nicole T.
Parent of Oakland 9th Grader


“nice and helpful”

“We were delighted with the work with our son, Ben! Ben was reading below grade level as a first grader, and the tutor worked with him over the summer. Between this work and some extra reading during the summer, Ben’s reading progress in second grade was superb. Just as important, Ben remembers the tutor as a nice and helpful teacher. We’ll use this again in a heartbeat.”

Larry G.
Parent of Lafayette 2nd grader



“I was so happy with the work the tutors did with my son Diedrik. In just a few weeks they taught him to play tennis and basketball. They also helped him with homework and even taught him to play the guitar. Thanks.”

Mighan L.
Parent of San Mateo 6th grader