The Problem with Homework Help

The biggest problem with students who receive tutoring is that the student’s homework looks great, but the classwork looks terrible. In other words, the tutor fixes every single mistake the student makes, while the student just nods along and changes the answers. The student then comes to school the next day with perfect, unblemished homework, but with only a limited understanding of the material. In the end, little has been accomplished through the tutoring except a good homework grade, which will be offset by the low grade on the next quiz or test.

Our Approach to Homework

Homework struggle can be summed up in one phrase: “I don’t know what to do!”
Our method can also be summed up with one phrase: “Show them what to do!”

Homework is basically a practice session, not unlike the way a football team practices for a big game. Just as the team practices the plays from the playbook, the student practices the work from the textbook. Now imagine how it would look if the football team had no playbook for its practice: they would be running around aimlessly and then quit after 15 minutes. Does this remind you of a student struggling to do his homework?

The solution is simply to SHOW the student what he is to do, which is usually in the textbook the student doesn’t read or the notes the student doesn’t look at. Once the student learns how to use these resources, and follow them in a step-by-step manner, homework magically becomes manageable and useful.